Teaching Gratitude

Thank How can we as educators/parents teach our students/children to be kind to one another if we ourselves aren’t filled with gratitude? Gratitude is a CHOICE that is often pushed to the side because of the rustle and bustle in our daily lives. If we want to truly be happy, it’s vital that we practice gratitude each morning. This is a picture I took a couple days ago of the gorgeous sunrise I witnessed, while drinking my morning cup of coffee, before work. I snapped this beauty and sent it to my amazing friend/colleague with a message that read, “This is our morning sign that today is going to be a good day at work!” My coworker, like myself, believes in symbolism and wrote back, “Amen, sister!” Do you know that this particular school day was one of he best I’ve had all year long? My colleague also exclaimed that she had an amazing day! This simple act completely jump started my entire day in an incredible way. My students and children also reaped the benefits because of my CHOICE in gratitude. I challenge you to snap a picture, everyday for one week, that makes you happy. It could be a coffee cup, children laughing, a motivational quote, etc. I PROMISE that a daily commitment to this simple task will fill your heart with gratitude to the top, and your cup will overflow to others you come into contact with.

Let’s change the world one smile at a time!


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First and foremost, I’m a Christ lover and follower 🙏. I’m a dedicated single mother of two children, A.J. (5) and Martina (3) 👫. A hard-working, passionate 4th Grade Reading and Writing teacher at a Public Elementary School ✏️📓. I’m a book nerd, life-coach obsessor/follower, avid runner/fitness enthusiast 💦, and coffee addict☕️. I'm a survivor of trauma, but refuse to let it define my identity.

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